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Two-day Leathercraft Workshop

Everything you need to know about leather construction

A journey in the art of leathercraft: from getting to know leathers, materials and tools to treating the surface with various techniques and making leather goods.


What does the Workshop include?

Familiarity with leathers and leathercraft materials: In the theoretical part of the program we will learn the types of skins used in leathercraft, their origin and the factory processing of each one. We will analyze their qualitative and macroscopic characteristics to be able to identify them and choose the appropriate leather according to the construction. 

We will also talk about the other leatherwork materials such as the different types of leather dyes, dyes for socora, glues and solvents, polishes, coke threads

Familiarity with hand tools and leather crafting machines: The hand tools used in leather crafting will be presented in detail and the production machines will be presented and explained. 

The Workshop program

Day & time:Wednesday 13 & Thursday 14 July 18:00-22:00

*Pre-booking is required


*the amount is not refunded in case of cancellation of participation by the student. 


What's Included: The cost includes all materials and tools that will be used during the seminar. The participants will be sent an electronic list of tools and materials as well as a list of suppliers for the Attica region. A confirmation of seminar attendance will also be sent electronically.

Cool tea, coffee and cookies will be available at the venue!!


A few words about the teacher Vasiliki Malli

Vasiliki Malli,  graduated as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Athens (2003-2009), continued her academic studies  at the Department of Shipbuilding at the University of Athens (2012) -2015), simultaneously attended Art-Therapy   and  Theater seminars. Then her great love for clothes won her over and she graduated from the DIEK fashion design course (2015-2017). Since then, she has been collaborating with Askardamyktis, undertaking the organization and structure of the clothing sector, combining her love for mathematics and high aesthetics. At the same time, he has attended the Leather Bag Making, Traditional Espandrilla and Sandal making seminars in Askardamykti (2017-2018). In our school  she teaches as an adult trainer  from 2017 until today  geo metric pattern- tailoring to the measurements of the trainees, with a teaching purpose manufacturing autonomy  clothes at the level of questioning  the  fast fashion options it offers us_cc78 1905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the market, resulting in enhancing self-image. At the same time she teaches  introduction to sewing for beginners, kimono seminars, handmade Espandrilla seminars, Styling  and fashion design. At the same time, he teaches as a fashion consultant in adult classes in Public IEK from (2020-2022) Fashion Forecast I, II, Fashion Design I, II as well as Styling and Styling Workshop. Included in her courses are: sustainability in fashion, the use of low-waste materials, the basic costing of collections and  the development of design identity in the field of fashion.

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