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Two-day Workshop Leatherwork Moulds

leather as a plastic material

An introduction to the creation of leather goods using leather craft molds.

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What does the Workshop include?

Theoretical part 

Familiarity with leathers and leathercraft materials: In the theoretical part of the program we will learn the types of skins used in leathercraft, their origin and the factory processing of each one. We will analyze their qualitative and macroscopic characteristics to be able to identify them and choose the appropriate leather for mold constructions

We will also talk about the other leatherwork materials such as the different types of leather dyes, dyes for socora, glues and solvents, polishes, coke threads

Familiarity with hand tools and leather crafting machines: The hand tools used in leather crafting will be presented in detail and the production machines will be presented and explained. 

Laboratory part 

In the laboratory part of the seminar,we will experiment with leather as a plastic material. That is, a material with plastic properties that through a series of actions can be given shape, volume, relief, etc. We will learn how we can make leather craft molds, or use ready-made objects as molds, how we can mold the leather and create three-dimensional objects such as cases, bowls, plates, cases etc. 

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The Workshop program

Duration: 2 four-hour meetings 

Performance Dates:1st & 2nd April 2023, 11:00-15:00


What's Included: The cost includes all materials and tools that will be used during the seminar. The participants will be sent an electronic list of tools and materials as well as a list of suppliers for the Attica region. A confirmation of seminar attendance will also be sent electronically.

Tea, coffee and cookies will be available at the venue!!

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