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Two-day Leather Slipper Workshop

Handmade leather summer slipper... to your size

The seminar will teach the technique of making a slipper-type leather shoe with a leather bottom and non-slip sole. Hand tools will be used in the workshop. From the initial sizing based on foot measurements, the processing of the leathers (cutting, dyeing, finishing) to the final assembly with gluing and hand sewing.

What does the Workshop include?

Theoretical part

Shoemaking materials & tools: In the theoretical part of the program, the raw materials (types of leather, dyes, soles, coke glues) used in sandal manufacturing will be presented. 

Anatomy of the foot:we will talk about the anatomy of the foot and points to consider when designing and we will size each construction based on the measurements of each student's foot. 

Laboratory part

In the seminar, each participant will make a pair of leather summer slippers with a band, a leather bottom and a non-slip sole. We will start with leather handling (marking, cutting, tan finishes) and proceed to assembly with gluing and hand stitching. At the end we will make the sole from non-slip material and the models will be completed to the measurements of each student. 

The Workshop program

Day & time:Wednesday 13 & Thursday 14 July 18:00-22:00

*Pre-booking is required


*the amount is not refunded in case of cancellation of participation by the student. 


What's Included: The cost includes all materials and tools that will be used during the seminar. The participants will be sent an electronic list of tools and materials as well as a list of suppliers for the Attica region. A confirmation of seminar attendance will also be sent electronically.

Cool tea, coffee and cookies will be available at the venue!!

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