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Onlne Traditional Construction Seminar  Sandal with Leather Insole& Leather Straps

The Askardamykti Lifelong Learning Center offers you the opportunity to remotely watch a videotaped seminar on the construction of a leather sandal! We send you all the materials and tools you need for the construction and you have the possibility of asynchronous watching of a videotaped lesson at any day and time that suits you!

We undertake to send you whatever materials & tools you need! You create in your space by watching videos with the construction techniques, description and commentary by the teacher!


1 additional online live meeting with the teacher on a certain date, to solve your questions by appointment!


A list of tools, materials & suppliers is provided so that you can easily find additional materials for your next creations!


Video Courses

The manufacturing technique of the traditional leather sandal is presented with live streaming  in a series of 14 mini videos step by step from design to final assembly. In the videos there is a parallel commentary and detailed instructions from the teacher. You have access to the video lessons for 2 months from the activation of your subscription!

Tools & Materials Package

We undertake to send you whatever materials & tools you need to create! The tool & materials package includes all the necessary tools and materials for making a pair of sandals in the number that you will state during your registration. (The shoes for the seminar are available in women & men in numbers 35 - 47. For special orders you must consult with the school)


Tools  ​

  1. Cutting board

  2. 1 pair of wooden shoes in a number of your choice

  3. Matzola of two heads

  4. Security knife

  5. Compass (metal diabetes)

  6. Awl

  7. Zumbades (1.8 or 2mm & 2.6mm)

  8. Mounting pliers

  9. Metal ruler 30cm

  10. Footwear measure

  11. Sandpaper

  12. Teflon surface (base for piercings)

  13. Sponge

  14. Paper tape

  15. Glue brush


  1. Velvet cardboard 300gr

  2. Skin  cowhide  vegetable tanning (Veg. tanned calf full grain  leather)

  3. Leather for bottom construction

  4. Cell, non-slip material for making sole and heel

  5. Strong gasoline glue

  6. Shoe studs 

  7. Bronze rivets

  8. 2 pairs of bronze tokades with urchin for rivet

  9. Impregnation color for skin (two shades black - brown)

  10. Polishing cream for skin (self-polishing) 

What is included in the Tools & Materials Package

Notes & Supplier List

Inside the course platform you will find to download in pdf files notes about the course, foot measurements as well as a list of materials, tools and suppliers in the region of Attica

Shipping & Shipping

The packages of materials & tools are sent all over Greece with FREE shipping . Due to the extraordinary circumstances we experience to reduce delays, deliveries within Attica are made with the company's own means.  For the rest of Greece  There may be delays due to the overload of courier companies.

* For  your best service and faster delivery contact us, if it is possible to pick up from our headquarters or transport agency.  

** For shipments to countries outside Greece the shipping costs are borne exclusively by the customer & must be preceded by consultation for the calculation of costs and how to order

Full & Basic Package - Cost

The seminar is available in two versions:

Full Package: Complete series of 14 video lessons  and a package of all the necessary tools for those who are just starting out in the making of sandals and the art of leather. Notes and supplier list included.  Gift them  materials for a pair of sandals!  -   cost 350 €  

Basic Package : The package does not include the tools needed for construction as well as shoes. Includes a full range of video-recorded courses. Notes and supplier list included.

Gift them  materials for a pair of sandals!  It is addressed to people who already have the necessary tools, basic materials  and shoes for construction. -   cost 185 € 

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