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Together we complete the easiest, fastest and most complete business plan!

Ceramics - pottery - pottery - plasterwork

Ceramics is an activity that combines technique, aesthetics and self-expression of the craftsman. In the courses aimed at "anxious" beginners, the student will come into contact with basic clay techniques through which he will be able to construct different kinds of forms of increasing difficulty. During the lessons he will learn the use of bandanas and apply a variety of decorative techniques. He will use different qualities of clay and get to know the technique of plasterwork, i.e. the making of clay objects using molds 

These techniques are the following:

  • Macaroni (basic technique for forms with and without symmetry)

  • Pinching (for small and organic forms)

  • Sheets (form constructions with glued (welded) sheets and rolled sheets in a cylindrical mold

  • Volumes (solid volumes shaped by appropriate processing)

  • Introduction to the technique of clay molds.

  • After the form is completed and perfected, the student decorates the objects with a variety of techniques, which are then fired to receive in their hands a complete result of their entire journey with clay.

The student will be able to experiment with red (terracotta) and white (faience) low temperature clays.

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We learn together:

  • How to build a business on the right foundations

  • What will it say & how can I save effort, time, money?

  • How do I start setting up my business & how do I proceed?

  • How do I complete the fastest, most comprehensive & effective Business Plan


  • what does it mean to have a business - what are all the pieces that make it up

  • exactly the steps you need to take to start it & set it up smartly

  • what are the points that need improvement (if you already have a business)

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