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The amount deposited for the registration in the seminar and the sending of a package of materials is not returned to the customer in case of cancellation on his part. It is returned only if the seminar is not held, by decision of the school, which will be notified to the student by any appropriate means.

The school must pack and ship the tool and materials package within 1 week of paying for the order.

The school is not responsible for any delays in delivery due to the courier company.

The client acknowledges that the tools and materials he will receive are educational, in basic qualities and shades , are not subject to criticism based on personal criteria and neither they nor the price paid as part of the seminar are refunded. The customer is entitled to return the tools and request their replacement only in case he receives them defective and after prior consultation with the school within 24 hours of receipt.   

The school does not bear any responsibility for misuse of tools and materials and for any damage caused by the student during their use and is not responsible for their replacement.  

Access to the videotaped lessons can be activated after the payment is completed. If the payment is made by deposit in a bank account, the proof of deposit should be sent to in order to inform the secretariat about the payment and to activate the access.  

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