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σχέδιο παπουτσιού, σχέδιο υποδημάτων, χειροποίητα παπούτσια

George Mallis was born and raised in Athens. 

From an early age he worked in his father's shoe workshop where he learned the art. He then worked independently in the field of footwear, working in various manufacturing plants. He later studied shoe design at the OAED school and continued his studies in design at the Arssutoria school in Milan, Italy.  Since then he has been working as a shoe designer.

She has worked in all kinds of shoes with a particular weakness in women and specialized in Parma, Italy  in the manufacture of handmade shoes with anatomical specifications.

Founding member of the artistic workshop "Askardamykti" in which he currently works as a teacher of design & manufacture of handmade shoes along with other professional activities. 

THE  Despina Malli  was born and raised  in Athens.  She studied at the National Technical University of Athens and continued her studies at the University of Kapodistrias, obtaining a degree in Project Management & Risk. He has attended adult education and management seminars. He worked as an engineer in the field of research and development, and then took on the position of project manager in marketing and communication. At the same time he had taken the position of adult educator in matters of marketing, sustainability and new technologies. Has studied  free  and linear  plan. He has attended drawing, painting and sculpture seminars.  He has completed a three-year course in the construction & animation of a theatrical puppet as well as a year of courses in the construction of machines (engineering in the puppet theater). He has attended physical theater and improvisation seminars.  He comes from a family of "shoes and bags" so he was quickly trained in the design and manufacture of leather accessories. Her parallel artistic activity and education and her love for traditional arts led her to the establishment of the lifelong learning center "Askardamykti", a center of arts and techniques where she now works as an adult educator.

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