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The next "modern" craftsman may still be in school

The Askardamykti school invites to its facilities, groups of students of High School and High School in organized educational visits with the aim of getting to know the traditional arts and technical professions taught at the school. The program includes experiential art workshops, a tour of the school premises and a discussion with our specialized craftsmen - teachers.

Educational Programs for Schools

Askardamykti School, in a continuous effort to bring the younger generations closer to Greek traditional arts and technical professions, organizes educational visits for groups of high school and high school students to the school's facilities and to the specially designed workshops of traditional arts & professions taught at the school

More specifically, today more than ever, there is a great need for young, modern craftsmen who will strengthen and stimulate the Greek manufacturing industry and primary production.

We are going through a period when we have allowed the know-how of our ancestors to be lost and there is no manpower to staff the technical professions that tend to once again flourish in Greece.

At the same time there is a great need for the younger generations to perceive traditional arts, not as something obsolete from an earlier era but as arts viable in a modern economic environment with employment and professional development opportunities for young people.

We invite you to the school premises through the process of school visits that can be organized by the school administrations or parent and guardian associations, to get to know these arts.


Each visit lasts 3-4 hours and consists of the following two alternative proposals

1. Experiential workshop for specific art

  • Tour of the school and its laboratories, a few words about the philosophy and vision of Askardamyktis for the continuation and promotion of technical professions and traditional arts

  • Acquaintance with the teacher a few words about his life and work

  • Presentation of the (selected) art and a brief historical review

  • Familiarity with tools and materials

  • Presentation of application of the technique

  • Questions answers

2. Traditional arts today

  • Tour of the school and its laboratories, a few words about the philosophy and vision of Askardamyktis for the continuation and promotion of technical professions and traditional arts

  • A few words about each art taught at the school (historical review – current situation)

  • Visit to each workshop and presentation of the tools, materials and mechanical equipment

  • The sustainability of these arts in today's era – professional horizons –  new technologies combined with tradition

  • Good practices – new designers / craftsmen emerging in the modern financial environment

  • Questions answers



The Askardamykti school has been operating since 2014 with the aim of highlighting traditional arts and technical professions and strengthening their viability in the modern economic environment. Since 2020, it has been housed in the historic Lekka textile factory in Perissos, a 1500 m2 factory space, which it renovated and configured to accommodate applied and traditional arts workshops in specially equipped spaces. A modern Bauhaus that seeks to break down again the boundary between artists, industrial designers and craftsmen creating a new form of "modern craftsman". The space was renovated and configured to allow the interaction of people and arts. In the same physical space, many arts have been co-located together and we have made sure to allow the flow and exchange between people and arts. Open workspaces alternate with transparent classrooms (autonomous art workshops) so that the creativity of each one affects and touches its neighbor in a perpetual chain reaction without limits.

The school operates the following departments - laboratories

  • Design & Manufacture of Footwear

  • Design & Manufacture of Leather Bag & Accessories

  • Pattern – sewing

  • Silversmithing

  • Organ making: Guitar, Lute & Lyre making

  • Carpentry: Furniture Making

  • Furniture Design

  • Wood Carving & Wood Lathe

  • Restoration of Furniture

  • Upholstery Furniture

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture

  • Free Drawing, Sketch & Color

  • Interior design

  • Weaving

  • Compodetic

  • Screen printing

  • Bookbinding

  • Stained glass

  • Baked glass

  • Yarn Dyes & Fabric Design (includes Batik technique)

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