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A series of videotaped lessons around the construction of a traditional sandal with leather sole, leather straps and non-slip sole.  

Available in two versions


Full Package: A complete series of videotaped courses and a package of all the necessary tools for those who are just starting to make sandals and the art of leather. Notes and supplier list included.  Gift them  materials for a pair of sandals!  

Basic Package : The package does not include the tools needed for construction as well as shoes. Includes a full range of video-recorded courses. Notes and supplier list included.

Gift them  materials for a pair of sandals!  It is addressed to people who already have the necessary tools, basic materials  and shoes for construction.

Full Package Video + Tools+ Gift Materials for 1 pair of sandals

€ 350

Basic Package Video + Gift  Materials for 1 pair of sandals

185 €


** For shipments  Shipping outside Greece is charged to the customer & must be preceded by consultation for the calculation of costs and payment methods

 2108819784 - 6953088538 - 

For payment by deposit in a bank account  please do not forget to send the proof of deposit to  together with the registration details (NAME - SEMINAR)  , to activate your access to the platform and to be sent the toolkit or materials package


National Bank

IBAN GR1401101070000010700277402

Beneficiary: Askardamykti OE.



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